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The Securities Commission of Zimbabwe advises members of the public that all share certificates that were previously under the custody of securities dealing firms that were not collected have now been transferred to licensed custodians.

This followed the Directive that was issued by the Commission on 29 August 2012 to all securities dealing firms, instructing them to register all securities in the names of their respective beneficial owners and subsequently delivering the securities to the owners. The securities that remained unclaimed were handed over to Old Mutual Custodial Services and ZB Custodial Services for safe keeping, pending collection by the rightful owners.

Members of the public who invested in shares but did not collect their share certificates from the securities dealing firms listed here in under are advised to collect them from the reflected respective custodian. It is only the proven owners of the shares that will be permitted to collect or retrieve the share certificates from the custodians.

Custodian Where Shares were Transferred

Securities Dealing Firm

Where Shares were  Housed

Old Mutual Custodial

Interfin Securities (Pvt) Ltd (Licence Cancelled)

Imara Edwards Securities (Pvt) Ltd

Mast Stockbrokers (Pvt) Ltd

MMC Capital (Pvt) Ltd

Southern Trust Securities (Pvt) Ltd

ZB Custodial

ABC Stockbrokers(Pvt) Ltd

EFE Securities (Pvt) Ltd

FBC Securities (Pvt) Ltd

Invictus Securities (Pvt) Ltd

Kingdom Stockbrokers (Pvt) Ltd

Lynton-Edwards Stockbrokers (Pvt) Ltd

Platinum Securities (Pvt) Ltd

ZB Securities (Pvt) Ltd

ZB Custodial & Old Mutual Custodial

Bethel Equities (Pvt) Ltd

ZSE (Pending Handover)

New Africa Securities (Pvt) Ltd

Pending Handover

Remo Investment Brokers (Licence Cancelled)

Pending Handover

Renaissance Securities (Under Liquidation)

Members of the public should make arrangements with the custodians to collect their share certificates. Investors may also contact their securities dealers if they encounter problems in collecting the share certificates or when they wish to transact.

T. Chinamo

Chief Executive Officer
9th april 2013

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