What are my responsibilities as a capital market investor?

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As an investor, it is your responsibility to:

  • Deal with only licensed capital market players – When investors are dealing with licensed intermediaries they are assured of protection by the capital market regulator and can find recourse in case something happens
  • Be informed – Know the capital market rules and regulation governing your investments and seek clarification from SECZ on grey areas.
  • Keep track of their investments – It is the investor’s responsibility to monitor his or her investments. It is advisable to always:
    • Keep a record of your investments
    • Analyse your investments, valuing and rebalancing your portfolio
    • Look for value addition information-(from newspapers. Media etc.)
    • Look for information on the company you have invested in, this can be done by obtaining and analysing financial statements of the company
    • Update yourself with current information and what is happening around you as they may have an impact on your investments
    • Keep an eye on how the value of your investment changes depending upon fluctuations in the markets, economic issues and other factors
  • Exercise your rights on your own or as a group