Who is SECZ

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe was established through the enactment of the Securities Act (Chapter 24:25). Section 3 of the Act provides for the establishment of the Securities and Exchange Commission which is the regulatory body for the securities and capital markets in Zimbabwe. Commissioners were appointed on 1 September 2008 whilst the Secretariat was established in 2009.

What do we do?

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe's Key functions are:

  1. To regulate trading and dealing in securities; and
  2. To register, supervise and regulate securities exchanges
  3. To license, supervise and regulate licensed persons
  4. To encourage the development of free, fair and orderly capital and securities markets in Zimbabwe
  5. To advise the Government of Zimbabwe on all matter relating to securities and capital markets
  6. To promote investor education


A world-class regulator of diverse, efficient and lucrative capital markets underpinned by strong institutions.


To provide an optimal regulatory environment for the protection of investors and the sustainable development of capital markets for national economic growth.


  • Fairness – We are just and impartial in all our decisions and actions. We are consistent and transparent in our conduct.
  • Accountability – We account for the authority and resources entrusted to us. We take full responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • Competence – We continually upgrade our skills and competences to keep abreast with market developments and best practices. We are innovative and maintain the cutting edge in all we do.
  • Integrity – We are honest and uphold the highest standards of professionalism. We can be trusted to keep privileged information confidential. We can be relied upon by all stakeholders.
  • Teaming – We are a cohesive and high performing team that executes and delivers break through results.

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the Commission are:

  1. Providing high levels of investor confidence
  2. Reducing systemic risk in the capital markets
  3. Promoting market integrity and investor confidence
  4. To prevent market manipulation, fraud and financial crime
  5. Ensuring transparency in capital and securities markets
  6. Promoting investor education

The Commission reports to the Ministry of Finance.