In 2010 four Board Committees were approved with the following mandates:

Audit and Risk Management Committee

The Committee objectives are to assist the Board in safeguarding assets, monitoring internal control systems, identify and monitor risks as well as designing and implementing appropriate systems to manage the risks.

  • Chairman: P. Chitando
  • Members: H. Nkomo, A. Mukusha

Licensing Committee

The Committee mandate is to ensure that the Chief Executive Officer acts in terms of legislation on licensing and examines proposed suspensions of licences and gives judgement.

  • Chairman: H. Nkomo
  • Members: G. Manungo, P. Chitando

Human Resources Committee

This Committee is mandated to design remuneration strategy and policies and monitor market remuneration trends.

  • Chairman: W. Bonyongwe
  • Members: G. Manungo, A. Mukusha

Litigation and Legislative Committee

The Committee’s objectives are to oversee litigation processes with regards to suits by or against the Commission and to scrutinise proposed legislation or amendments to existing legislation.

  • Chairman: H. Nkomo
  • Members: G. Manungo, P. Chitando